Work History

Running with co-workers

Hiawatha Franks enjoys exercising outdoors, and often completes these activities with his co-workers.

Hiawatha Franks is an insurance professional with nearly two decades of experience. After graduating from Texas State University at San Marcos with his Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management, he began his career with Texas Mutual Insurance Company in 1993.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Texas Mutual is currently the state’s leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance. The company supplements these services with loss prevention services, effective claims management, safety groups, an extensive healthcare network, and return-to-work programs. Hiawatha Franks joined the company as a Claims Adjuster and was quickly promoted to Proceedings Analyst. In 1998, he left Texas Mutual to pursue a position with the Texas Association of School Boards.

Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)

TASB is a statewide, nonprofit educational association serving and representing Texas school districts. The group’s volunteer membership includes all 1,031 Texas school districts and serves over 4.9 million Texas students.  Hiawatha Franks started his tenure with the organization as Claims Manager and was promoted to Claims Director in 2000. Five years later, he moved to Houston to work with The Hartford.

The Hartford

The Hartford has been offering property insurance, casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds for more than 200 years. Hiawatha Franks joined the major insurance provider in 2005 and spent two years as a Claims Manager before becoming a Field Claims Director with American International Group (AIG).

Hiawatha Franks WorkAIG

AIG is another market leader in providing life insurance and retirement services in the United States. Hiawatha Franks worked in the Atlanta office for two years as the firm’s Field Claims Director. He returned to The Hartford in 2009.

The Hartford

Hiawatha Franks began working as The Hartford’s Claims Manager, focused on Workers’ Compensation, in November 2009. After roughly three and a half years, he rose to his current role as Director of Small Commercial Programs. In this position, he delivers reviews of claim trends while also developing solutions to strategic challenges and working to refine the claim service experience for Small Commercial Program clients.

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